Demonstrating Value: Nice Example from Volvo

I saw this at the Volvo showroom some time ago. It does a great job of visually demonstrating the value of this particular car model. With the rear seats folded down and with a rooftop carrier, this car can really pack a lot of stuff.

Meanwhile, the big news in the car market is the launch of the world’s cheapest car – the Tata Nano. The Economist unearthed some interesting facts:

…the Nano is optimised for the 95th percentile of American men. In South Asia, this makes the car downright cavernous.
Putting the engine at the back means the car’s footprint is 8% smaller but provides 21% more interior space than that of the Maruti 800, the next cheapest car on the Indian market, which costs twice as much.

The Nano doesn’t seem to need much advertising – it’s targeting people who use two-wheelers and it’s generated massive worldwide buzz anyway but they seem to be missing a trick on demonstrating the spaciousness of the car – they  could easily borrow some ideas from Volvo.


  1. Hemant said

    Nice post on Volvo.

    Nice to see you blogging. I saw it via linkedin.


  2. Nancy Bernard said

    Clever and practical. One question: is lots of cargo space a differentiator for this vehicle, o0r a major advance for Volvo?

    I like the co-branding with IKEA. Double bang for buck for both companies, and reinforces their identities as Swedish companies.

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