Successful online marketing: Widgets or Advertisements?

Advertising Age writes about Widgets becoming the grail of online marketing:

Fridge Magnet

Branded widgets are the refrigerator magnets of the Brave New World.

The widget may not be the holy grail, but it’s arguably pretty damn grail-ish — maybe the highest expression so far of online marketing in the Post-Advertising Age..



Al Wittemen, in an article in The Hub magazine, has an interesting take:

…digital is the way to amplify shopper-marketing programs and make them relevant to shoppers at home, outside the  home as well as in the store.

This widget from Johnnie Walker Whisky (via Contagious)  seems to illustrate what Al is talking about:

Jennie’ is a mobile based application which combines two of 2007’s hottest topics – avatars and widgets – to produce a nifty little service aimed at helping even the most sociable of bar-hoppers get around. According to Marketing Interactive, Jennie is able to do everything from planning social calendars and providing useful tips on bars and clubs to procuring event invitations. Apparently, she’ll even help you get home at night:
‘The application has four main functions on the menu – ‘Take Me There’, ‘Tell Me When’, ‘What’s Hot’, and ‘Take Me Home’ with the latter allowing the user to either book a taxi or send an SMS to a designated driver when it is time to go home.


What about online advertising? These days, the conventional wisdom is that targeted ads (eg Google ‘Sponsored Links’) are a smarter investment than banner ads.  But there seems to be value in banner ads when they are coupled with the right business model. I recently saw banner ads from this campaign on almost every site that I regularly visit and some that I was visiting just once:


That ad is hard to miss because of the choice of words and the unusual font.  After seeing the ad about thirty times in one month, I was intrigued enough to go and see what it was all about. Clicking on the ad leads to an ‘infomercial’ type website with a classic sales ‘pitch’ approach. Although I didn’t buy what they were selling, the pitch is pretty good and deserves a look-see.  See what happens when you leave the site without making a purchase! (It’s quite safe).

It’s not easy to say which approach is better and I’m sure they both have their pros and cons depending on what you’re selling. However, despite all the hype surrounding widgets, it seems to me that a smart “banner ad media plan” combined with an effective infomercial / pitch website could be very effective in generating sales – the real holy grail of online (and offline) marketing.


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