Project Blackbox: A Brilliant Marketing Concept

I’m not a CTO or any other kind of xTO, nor am I even an IT professional. But Sun Microsystem’s new Project Blackbox got my attention. An extraordinarily simple idea, as Sun puts it, it’s a mobile data centre. The brilliant part of the concept is that it’s packed inside a shipping container.

Who cares about this sort of thing? reports that:

Sun is attracting interest from prospective customers of various sizes in financial services, telecommunications and government and military markets — the kind of verticals where rapid expansion can provide a competitive advantage.

“YouTube went from zero to $1.8 billion or whatever it was sold for in 18 months,” Douglas said. “You couldn’t build a datacenter in that time, so for things that get explosive growth, this is a great fit.”

The Blackbox could also be an effective computing tool in areas racked by natural disasters, where earthquakes, floods or tornadoes trash datacenter gear in buildings. In the event of another Hurricane Katrina incident, the Blackbox could be quickly deployed to help a company get IT operations up and running.

At first glance, this seems like an extraordinary technology innovation. But actually, there isn’t any new tech innovation here. Even the concept of a mobile data centre isn’t all that new. The real innovation is to put it into a shipping container – a stroke of marketing genius.

Are there other ‘concepts’ like this out there? Write a comment and tell me all about it.

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  1. Atul Kumar said

    Hey Rey .. was great to discover your blog via your linkedin profile. I had stopped blogging since last year but now inspires me to resume once again.

    Now coming to your blog, absolutely wonderful and am going to pass on to friends, juniors. One close friend in marketing domain whom work closely with on some socio-entrepreneurial projects is Mayank. ( who also has some great posts especially in the retailing area

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