Science Fiction Spawned Innovations II

In the vein of previous articles on innovations spawned by science fiction and some specifically from the Star Trek TV series, here’s a quick roundup of the latest from the Sci Fi Tech blog:

The Star Trek Tricorder becomes a reality at last!

Potential earthbound uses for the real-life tricorder include detecting salmonella in food, disease markers in urine, and cocaine on a rolled-up bill.

Terminator Cyborg Army ready for all-out war

Israeli defense firm VIPeR has developed an army of small cyborgs that can enter combat zones and exchange fire with enemies. Fortunately for the survival of our species, the ‘bots need to be controlled by a human and don’t act and feel on their own. That must be for version 1.2.

Another Star Trek tech – the Translator

The Voxtec International Phraselator P2 is currently being used by the Prairie Island tribe in Minnesota to pass on the Dakota language to future generations. The translator easily and accurately translates English into their native language on the fly. The device is already in use heavily in Iraq and Afghanistan by troops communicating with locals.

R2D2 coming to your Post Office!
(OK, this is not quite the real thing just yet)

The US Postal Service has decided to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Wars by tricking out some mailboxes to look like R2D2. Think any other government agencies will be joining the anniversary celebration? Perhaps cops will start dressing like storm troopers, or maybe the people at the DMV will start issuing licenses to fly spaceships.

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  1. moreinspiration said

    The cool thing about these ‘inventions’ lke the Tricorder is that they are now part of the public domain and can no longer be patented as is. Companies need to do better still, make significant improvements on what Sci-Fi series portray if they want to be able to have their products’ intellectual property protected.

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