How to build brands online: 3 successful cases

Much of the past one year’s debate and discussion at various marketing fora, real and virtual, centres on “new media” or “digital media”, meaning the Internet and Mobile/Wireless media. This is my personal selection of some of the best uses to which it has been put:

1. BMW Films
Using the insight that 85% of their target consumers used the Internet before buying a BMW, a series of short films were created by some of the greatest action movie directors, aired only via the Internet (and widely distributed over e-mail). Read the entire story here.

2. Dove Evolution
A 75-second film released only on the Internet, it showcases the typical make-over of a model into the unreal yet so-familiar beauty that we see in cosmetics advertising. Over a million views on Youtube, deep penetration of the blogosphere, and tremendous impact for the brand. Read here for the full story, including a very detailed analysis of the campaign and its impact.

3. Toyota Scion in Second Life
The first brand to enter the virtual world of Second Life, with a virtual dealership featuring customizable versions of the cars. All the details are here.

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