Net Promoters: From brand loyalists to brand evangelists

evangelistsNet promoters are those customers who are likely to recommend a brand to others. This makes them especially valuable customers. They are also a very good reflection of overall customer preference and loyalty to a brand.

Martha Rogers at 121media writes:

In the high-tech space, Apple, Google, and Symantec have the most “Net Promoters,” according to a recent survey by Satmetrix Systems, which created the Net Promoter system with Reichheld. The survey was conducted in three high-tech sectors: computers, online services, and consumer software. Opt-in surveys were sent to end consumers who had direct experience with a given product or service. Replies were then ranked on a scale of 1-10. Only respondents giving a firm a 9 or 10 are classified as promoters.

I think this is a very useful metric, especially in categories such as search engines, where customers make several transactions every day, with each transaction offering the possibility of switching to a different brand. Net promoter scores (and the underlying drivers) can be a very useful diagnostic of the brand’s offering – that is, which parts are working and which ones need to be fixed.

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