Cook’s 5 Ways to Innovate: 4. See Things Differently

Cook's 5 Ways to Innovate
|| 3. Focus on Customer Metrics || 4. See Things Differently ||
|| 5. Nurture Innovation Teams ||

Scott Cook - founder of Intuit

This is a continuation of a five-part series based on the ideas of Scott Cook, founder of Intuit Software.

Cook suggests that innovative ideas come from seeing things from points of view other than our own:
a. The Customer's point of view:

What if your customer was a child? Imagine the world from her point of view: giant people around, god-like parents taking care of most of her wants, lots of products that are too difficult for her little hands to grasp and use. Try squatting and walking duck-fashion around the house to see the world from her point of view.

b. Who else might have a useful point of view?

Philip Kotler's Buyer Behaviour Model posits that customers seek information about the alternatives available to them. Highly credible sources of information include friends, family, colleagues, neighbours and trusted service providers (doctors, accountants etc.). Many of these people can also help us to gain insights and ideas.

(To be concluded.) 

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