Shopping: From chore to pleasure

Shopping used to be a chore. Mom would send you to the neighbourhood store with a list and you would come back home, groaning under the weight of the groceries.

Today, for people like the author of Shop Diary, shopping is clearly a hedonistic pursuit – something to be savoured and enjoyed.

For this customer segment, products must be designed with cool features… such as jeans with triangle pockets.

This means that marketeers must design products that not only deliver basic functional value (what Kotler called hygiene factors) but also appeal to the senses through emotion-provoking design features with little or no functional value.

Also, shopping must be considered as an experience, not just a service, replete with super secret sales and other such attractive come-hithers.

Can products also provide experiences in stores? More on this later.


  1. Milo said

    Of course, part of the experience of going to, say Dappies or one of those stores that has a lot of edgy products is the products. Otherwise it would just be empty shelves and smiling reps.

    As for the triangle pockets, that goes right to the idea of superficiality and fashion. Triangle pockets are good in the way of market segmentation and selling points, but is it enough vs something truly innovative?


  2. Reynold said

    Hi Milo,

    I think this comes down to customer segmentation. Some people are going to buy jeans based on styles and cuts, some based on “tried and tested” brands, some based on design innovations – both functional (built-in belt pockets for cellphones?) and hedonistic (triangle pockets, pre-fades, embroidery etc.).

    Should you design a store that targets only one segment or should you have a catch-all approach with offerings for all?


  3. Milo said

    Well it depends on the product. If it’s a high cost product with a niche (IE Apple Stores) that perhaps works, but with lower-costing ventures such as jeans, a store needs to diversify it’s product line.


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