Where do you carry your mobile phone?

If you're a woman, then chances are it's in your shoulder bag. 66% of women keep their phones in their bags (just 4% of men do the same), while 57% of men use their trouser pockets (just 8% of women do that).

This is just one of the many insights uncovered by "Wheres-the-phone" – a multi-country study by Jan Chipchase et al from the Nokia User Experience Group.

This definitely has implications for how mobile phone companies design their phones – how big should it be, how loud should the ringer (or how powerful the vibrator) be?

"Comments from participants suggested users did not place the phone wherever available, but rather considered many aspects, such as the convenience, tolerance to multiple postures, risk of theft, comfort, or impact to their appearance. The authors learnt that bag users miss incoming alerts more often than with other carrying methods. " (From Putting People First)

I think the questionnaire / recording sheet used by the research team is a fine example of user-based design because its graphical layout makes it easy and foolproof to use. This group at Nokia is certainly walking the talk!

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  1. Shirley said

    It’s amazing to try to find a phone in the depth of a woman’s purse. Hilarious to watch.



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