When do people WANT advertising?

Advertising has gotten entertaining enough today that some people actually want to watch some ads over and over again (upto a point).

Let's face it, there are times in our lives when we're so damn bored, we would welcome any form of entertainment, even (especially?) if it's advertising. Not convinced? How about:

1. Waiting for the bus


[Acrobats perform around a Mini Cooper]

2. Filling petrol

[Timepass Signboard at Petrol Pump]
3. Waiting to check out at the supermarket


[Long line of shoppers waiting to checkout]

4. Stuck in traffic


[Unusual Mini Cooper Billboard]

5. When you're er, um…


[… ]

OK, the last one was just a joke!

But seriously, how about getting across to people at times and places when they are likely to be more receptive, instead of just bombarding the TV airwaves?

Thanks to Marketallica for inspiring this post through this great collection of Mini Cooper Brand Activation.

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  1. Ozgur Alaz said

    great post reynolds
    look at this ones;
    Advertising on elevators

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