Marketing & Social Responsibility

Farrukh Naeem from the UAE writes about social responsibility in business. Some of his thought-provoking questions are:

"Does a tobacco company’s lung cancer funding make cigarettes healthier?"

"Does a brewery’s TV spot against drunk-driving reduce alcoholism?"

"Does an offshore oil company’s documentary on marine life, save it?"

 "…are we in advertising just to earn money, no matter what we end up selling? "
These questions are immensely important because in this age of instant gratification, it's all too easy to lose sight of values and ethics in our pursuit of wealth.   

There is a finer point to be made here. Some kinds of marketing activities are obviously unethical. What about the Milli Vanilli type of "product fabrication"? There's no doubt that people who bought Milli Vanilli albums were attracted by the photogenic dancing duo who represented the "package" and undoubtedly enjoyed the music, but their reaction to the truth demonstrated that people don't like being misled.

Food for thought for many of the edgier marketing campaigns today. 

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