Change your name for success

In an earlier post, I discussed the value of seemingly meaningless product names. A recent survey by Opinion Research Corp. for CNN highlights how small changes to names can make a difference: The study polled Americans’ feelings toward Hillary Clinton and found that responses changed depending on which name was used – including Hillary Clinton’s maiden name increased her approval rating among Republicans polled to 23 percent. “Hillary Clinton” had a 16 percent approval rating among people who identified themselves as Republican. Among people who said they were independent, “Hillary Rodham Clinton” was favored by 48 percent, compared with 42 percent for “Hillary Clinton.”


  1. […] Change your name for success […]

  2. […] The recent study on more people voting for Hillary Clinton if she used her maiden name and Kahn and Miller's paper on the effectiveness of non-descriptive brand names delineate the importance of choosing evocative brand names. Or would you rather have a Patagonian Toothfish for lunch?! […]

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