Bringing expensive services to the mass market

FMCG firms have created many offerings that essentially promise to bottle an expensive service such as a beauty parlour treatment, a hair-styling salon treatment or a dental tooth whitening clean-up.

Now, a firm called Spot Runner has applied this concept to advertising, enabling businesses to customize stock video ads and run them on cable TV for as little as US$500 (Rs 23,000).

To put this in perspective, a TV commercial produced by a medium sized agency will cost you at least US$45,000 (Rs 20 lakhs).

If this catches on, we can expect a huge change in the quality of cable-channel ads run by local businesses. If you run a small business with a local footprint, this could be useful to you. There may also be opportunities for freelance ad creators who will use Spot Runner to source cheap footage for their own creative ideas.

Via Innoblog.


  1. INteresting blog, Reynold.

    I like the topics you have picked so far. Like the presentation link from Fast Company.

    I have recently been blogging about the International Advertising Association’s Wolrd Congress which was held here in Dubai, and other things related to the advertising and marketing world. Do visit some time.


  2. Reynold said

    Thank you, Farrukh. If you liked that article, you may also find Edward Tufte’s note on Powerpoint does rocket science to be interesting. Professor Tufte socks it to Powerpoint!


  3. Espresso said

    The leader of custom fast and inexpensive TV ads is because it offers the client a more effective ad and more flexibility than Spot Runner. Cheap TV Spots also offers national airings for as low as $20(USD) per airing and local airings as low as $1. Spotrunner does not air nationally because it does not have all the rights to the material. The commercials also come in 30 or 60 second length. Spotrunner only allows 30s. Cheap TV Spots can provide a web version for e-mailing or posting (unlike Spotrunner) because it has the rights to do so. The only difference right now is that Spot Runner is fully automated, and is semi-automated. The semi-automated Cheap TV Spots process allows for a higher quality commercial and still does it in 1 week. A client does not have to air exclusively with CheapTVSpots but is obligated to buy Spot Runner’s more expensive air time or their commercial can be sold to another similar company in your same city.

  4. yeah i like this. good post.

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